Model E6

Model E6 is aimed at COVID positive patients based on clinical variables

Model MU6 predicts risk of developing severe COVID-19 in an early stage by using blood test results.

Reference: Jiao Gong
years (if older than 70, put 70)
DBIL, umol/L (if larger or smaller, put 5 or 20)
BUN, umol/L
CRP, mg/L
ALB, g/L

The application of the nomogram had an AUC of 0.912 and 0.853 on the training cohort and validation.

Outcome should be “Probability of severe illness in case of infection”.

Definition of severe disease: Severe illness is defined as meeting at least one of the following criteria during hospitalization:

(1) Shortness of breath, Respiratory rate (RR) ≥ 30 times/min,

(2) Arterial oxygen saturation (Resting status) ≤ 93%, or

(3) The ratio of Partial pressure of oxygen to Fraction of inspiration O-2 (PaO-2/FiO-2) ≤ 300 mm Hg.