Description of the set of models for severity risk assessment and triage for COVID-19 patients at hospital admission: These 4 models, which require increasing levels of information, can be used to calculate the risk that a COVID-19 patient will develop severe illness during hospitalization. Severe illness is defined as meeting at least one of the following criteria during hospitalization: respiratory failure requiring mechanical ventilation, shock, ICU admission, organ failure, death

Other Models

    • Model E5 Early Warning Score for COVID-19
      This is a diagnostic tool calculating the probability that a patient has COVID-19 based on clinical variables.
    • Model E6 predict risk of developing severe COVID-19 pneumonia
      Nomogram to predict risk of developing severe COVID-19 pneumonia: a multicenter study from Wuhan and Guangdong, China
    • Model E7
      The C-19 Index is an open source, AI-based predictive model that identifies people who are likely to have a heightened vulnerability to severe complications from COVID-19
    • Model E8
      This model is an open source COVID-19 prognostic tool that estimate mortality rates in patients with COVID-19. It is adapted from CDC materials.
    • Model E9
      Diagnostic nomogram from China to predict COVID-19 pneumonia using semantic features.