Model MU3

Model MU3 contained semantic CT features and age

Model awaiting external validation

Lesion range was identified as areas of ground-glass opacity or consolidation and was graded with a 6-point scale according to the lesion volume proportion in each single lobe:
0 = no lung parenchyma involved, 1 = up to 5% of lung parenchyma involved, 2 = 5-25%, 3 = 26-50%, 4 = 51-75%, and 5 = 76-100% of lung parenchyma involved.
The final CT score is a total score from five lobes.

Model MU3 predicts the risk of asymptomatic patients to develop severe COVID-19 disease. It uses age and features of CT thorax: It has the ambition to identify the high risk patients that have a high probability to need a respirator.

Reference: Wu G, Lambin et al. Submitted for publication